The wedding of M&J


The sensitivity of the natural

Delicate, sweet, natural…

It is the perfect definition for M & J wedding, a lovely couple who wanted everything to happen naturally and familiarly. They chose a typical Catalan stone house, “una masía”, located in the Empordà area.

The ceremony took place in the forest surrounding the “masía”.  Mireia Abras created a magical altar with leaves and roses. The color palette they chose was delicate, sweet, natural … powdered, soft tones, with some golden touches.

The banquet and the celebration took place in the gardens of the stonehouse. They combined rectangular wooden tables with round tables with linen tablecloths, nude chargerplates from our Modena collection combined with our Grenoble tableware in taupe color, matte golden cutlery,  Elba gold rimmed glassware and the Provenzal water glass.

An autumnal wedding with a lot of sweetness, we hope you like it.

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 wedding in the forest

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tabletop rental

tabletop rental

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Wedding: 13 by Pilar Barceló / Photographer: Laura Chacón