The Wedding of L & A


Celebration in a castle of the Empordà

Empordà in its purest form

The wedding of L & A took place in the Caramany Castle, in a small town of Girona. The castle has been cataloged as a Cultural Asset of National Interest. A place that evokes a lot of character and history.

The chosen color palette was off  white, wood, shades of green and reddish. They opted for a rustic decor that went very well with the setting of the celebration, a perfect combination of sobriety and elegance that evoked the castle.

We opted for round tables, dressed in 100% linen tablecloths, wooden plates in Florence collection, accompanied by our Modena tableware, copper cutlery and our Provençal glassware.

We show you some pictures of the event.


Photographer PabloLaguia

Photographer PabloLaguia

Photographer PabloLaguia

Photographer PabloLaguia


Photographer PabloLaguia, Corça

Photographer PabloLaguia, tabletop

Photographer PabloLaguia


Photographer PabloLaguia, dinnerware

wedding spain, empordà

PhotographerPabloLaguia, tabletop


Photographer PabloLaguia, gift

Photographer PabloLaguia night


Wedding: 13 by Pilar Barceló / Photographer: Pablo Laguia