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Discover the 4 tablescapes we designed for Bodas the Cuento

Bodas de Cuento School

Last April we were invited by Wendi of Bodas de Cuento to organize a workshop with Mireia Abras in Bodas de Cuento School.  For those who don’t know Bodas de Cuento are one of the most famous (and well deserved) wedding planners of Spain. They also created Bodas de Cuento School an academy where they offer formation for Wedding planners.

About Mireia Abras she is one the names we will give if we talk about florist in Barcelona.

Bodas de Cuento gave us for topics as inspiration in which Mireia had to create a table (centerpiece + tableware) according to each idea. To work together with Mireia we created a moodboard and was our way to share our points of view and work in the same direction.

Because as Mireia show after in the workshop the same topic can be treated in many different ways.

The topics we worked were: Mediterranean, minimalist, tropical and botanic.

Mediterranean, we were inspired by the area of la Costa Brava as both of us and Mireia are in connection with the zone. Mireia used the typical plants from there. You can also see that there are two concepts involved in this tablespace. One is more natural with the sicker basket and the recollection of flowers we found going for a walk. The other has more sophistication using a beautiful vase with also plants of the place. The crockery we chose to follow the concept was blue and white one with three different stamps inspired in the different tonalities of blue you can have in the sea. The flatware gives us the colour of Masias, the typical catalan houses build with brown stones.

Bodas de cuento mediterraneo

bodas de cuento mediterraneo 1

Minimal, we were focused in simple lines. Mireia used big flowers that were formed by a group of small flowers like the hydrangea. The green she used in harmony with the rest of the tablescape. In this occasion the table was more informal. There was no charger and the goblets were classic. We also played with the color with a monochromatic style. The tablerunner was the sophisticate touch, simulating a metal piece.

Bodas de cuento minimalista

bodas de cuento minimalista1

Tropical, we wanted to show refined tropical and escape of the tropical party we have seen during all the summer. Mireia used the orchid, a delicate flower in appearance but that is possible to work in many different ways. An example is how she used as a napkin holder. She worked with big volumes with the vases and the leafs she used. We used a neutral crockery and we gave it colour with the goblets, the napkins and the flowers centers.

bodas de cuento tropical

Botanical, of course green had to be the main protagonist. Mireia used different plants to offer a wide scale of greens. Green was also present in our charger and the leaf on the napkin. It was simple but perfect. Also touches of pink with the roses and gold and white with the tableware.

bodas de cuento botanico
bodas de cuento botanico 1

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